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GWH&A has been at the forefront of imaging, video, and network businesses for over 30 years. Started as an imaging lab in 1975 by Wyndham Hannaway, GWH&A has created system solutions for nearly every format of imaging and video that has been developed during that time period. These systems and services include everything from digital motion picture film recording, to military flight simulation systems. GWH&A meets the customer's needs through product sales, imaging services, systems integration, and new product development.

As the lab began working on a variety of custom systems, they eventually grew into a very specialized reseller for the video and film industry. They built expertise in creating systems as small as individual systems for single proprietors, to large animation and editing suites for corporations and government. Their inventive environment allows them to work on challenging problems for a diverse customer base.

GWH&A has been a mainstay in the imaging industry with clients such as InterVU/Akamai, Sprint, Lockheed Martin, and Hallmark Entertainment. SGI collaborated with GWH&A to solve their imaging and video input/output solutions. GWH&A was a primary player in delivering high-speed networked streaming media content at the precipice of the Internet. This included such projects as BATMAN, the first gigabit broadband network in Colorado; the Sprint DRUMs® network, designed for delivering video content over broadband networks for collaborative production and approval; and nationally distributed servers delivering streaming multimedia for InterVU/Akamai. As well GWH&A developed the first multi-channel Internet radio stations through Eclectic Radio®, a company formed under the GWH&A flagship. This venture resulted in patented technology.

GWH&A has recently developed an interactive application delivery system. This suite of products allows platform-independent interactive applications to be created and deployed with a robust dynamic content management system. This includes structures that deploy and track content, and manage billing requirements. The first deployed application using this system was "HiYa®", a card, icon, and text messaging system for telephones created by Hallmark Cards Inc. and deployed on the Sprint PCS Vision Network. Throughout the company's history, GWH&A has developed special imaging software products to meet the burgeoning needs of their clients. From image processing labs for government, university and private business ventures, to pioneering high-speed media networks, GWH&A has achieved success in solving the needs of clients during the early stages of these emerging technologies.