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Technology Overview

GWH&A has a technology division for creating products and responding to custom needs for our clients. This division developed a sophisticated software system called AMP™, Associated Media Platform, that allows GWH&A to provide media network systems and services for myriad devices and networks. This accomplishment lays the groundwork for digital convergence through a central data system providing networked interfaces between mutiple devices. AMP also includes a built in settlement system so that multiple parties can provide content for a variety of service providers.

Using the AMP platform, GWH&A has created a plethora of solutions for various markets and devices. They include dynamic cell-phone applications; pc tablet content solutions; and a variety of products for interactive television. The most unique capability of this system is the ability to manage content and deliver it to any device. Both content and users are identified in the systems with ID numbers that contain data specific to that object. Whether it is a rating, expiration tracking, versioning, language, format; the ID number can handle what'd needed to manage the content in a very concise manner. To understand this system more specifically, view the product application examples, and the patent descriptions in the technology area of this site.