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Video Services

GWH&A are format specialists. Essentially every film and video digital and analog format past to present is physically or digitally available at GWH&A. If it's not listed here, please ASK, it's likely we can help. Services include:


  • Video Tape Formats to Digital files
  • Digital file to Video Tape Formats
  • Digital BetaCam to File
  • Digital prep for Final Cut
Final Cut Support
  • Mastering, Print to Video
  • Layoff to: digital Betacam, BetaSP, HDCAM, HDCAM SR, PAL, Quicktime, MPEG, HDV, XDCAM disc, XDCAM stick, Blu-Ray, cell-phone formats and more.
Conversion to and from
  • PAL, NTSC, MPEG, HDCam, SD, MiniDV, Cineon, DPX, Blu-ray
  • 60i, 23.9P, and 24P bi-directional video conversions
Teranex Xanthus realtime HD Processor
  • Over 50 format conversions, 3:2 cadence correction, aspect ratio controls, auto colorspace processing, up and down conversion

Teranex Xanthus